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OUTLET Ärmlös gymnastikbody B100B vit
OUTLET Ärmlös gymnastikbody B100B vit
OUTLET Ärmlös gymnastikbody B100B vit
OUTLET Ärmlös gymnastikbody B100B vit
OUTLET Ärmlös gymnastikbody B100B vit

OUTLET Ärmlös gymnastikbody B100B vit

  • polsk produkt; återgår till sin form efter tvätt; behaglig, luftig, andas; flexibel - passar perfekt till figuren
Kup za punktyDostępność i wysyłkaIlość
Produkt dostępny w bardzo małej ilości (1-5 szt.)
Produkt dostępny w bardzo małej ilości (1-5 szt.)Wysyłka w ciągu 24 godz. (1 piece w magazynie)
20,00 PLN
/ piece brutto
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5piece18,40 PLN(-8%)
10piece18,20 PLN(-9%)
15piece18,00 PLN(-10%)
20piece17,80 PLN(-11%)
50piece17,60 PLN(-12%)
14 dni na łatwy zwrot
Ten produkt nie jest dostępny w sklepie stacjonarnym
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Children's dancewear – sleeveless leotard RENN

Child during the dance classes must feel at ease without uncomfortable body movements and crimped underwear. A child needs more concentration while doing the outsourced functions. To be more focused and at the same time full of happiness and smile during dance training RENN has created a sleeveless body (sleeveless leotard) which works in these situations. Children are the most demanding consumers that's why children's sleeveless costume is made of material which provides the best comfort for them. Mixture of 95% -97% cotton and 3% -5% elastane is ideal for warmer periods.

Soft material provides a nice touch for your child's body and also feels nice and comfortable to wear. High flexibility of the material from which it is made means unfettered movement during performing dancing figures and other exercises. It is a one-piece costume, so it protects the child's kidney from colds. 

Body default has no fastening in step (it is worn by neckline).

At the individual request of the customer, we can make the following modifications:

- naps - PLN 15,

- sizing - PLN 10.

If you enter the above modifications:

- we require a prepayment,

- delivery time is extended by about 7 days,

- it is not possible to return the goods.

Information on selected modifications should be included in the product commentary when placing the order.

Depending on the individual settings of the displayed image, the color of the product shown in the pictures may differ from the actual. In addition, there may be differences in the shades between individual production batches.

Our RENN products are made in our own sewing room. In the case of storage shortages, they are made according to the needs, which may slightly delay delivery. The delay time depends on the overlap of the sewing room. In order to 100% confirm product availability, please contact us by phone.

ATTENTION! HYGIENE GUARANTEE! This product before packaging is checked for cleanliness. The packaging has our factory seal that guarantees the "first user". After opening the packaging, you CAN NOT return the goods for hygienic reasons. The exception to the return is factory sealed goods. Sent phrases of open packages are not considered and are not sent back. In the case of single-size purchases, we ask for thoughtful shopping - we suggest buying a larger size, which due to the high flexibility of the product should adapt to the user's body.

Materiał - bawełna z elastanem - bawełna 95% elastan 5%
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